Encore Coaching is a thorough and excellent way for retiring professionals to prepare for your (you and your family’s)retirement.  As an Entrepreneur who failed at retirement after selling my first business, I truly appreciated Lori’s perspective on what “Retirement” really means and it helped validate that my hobbies for the future could continue to include entrepreneurial endeavors.  

After our six weeks of 90 min sessions I feel much more prepared for the Retirement Journey.

Channen S.

Aspiring Retired Entrepreneur

Lori knew I was a bit anxious about delving into this issue and she made it easy.  I enjoyed just talking about all of the robust aspects of life after working and I feel at ease now that I will be able to manage and thrive in retirement if I stick to a plan.

Karen r.

Lori's Living My Dream Retirement program is fantastic! It takes a holistic view at the life you want to live after working and your personal interests, and creates a resource road map to get you there.

More than just a financial discussion, the program helps you consider things like a personal network, what resources a retirement destination may offer, and contributing back to society. It was an exciting process with tangible steps to build a long-term plan. I highly recommend it!"

Annette G.

CRO, Meeting Professionals International

“I recently had the privilege of getting coached by Lori. I’ve always struggled to find freedom in my relationship to money, despite how much exploration and coaching I’ve already done around money. I was hoping for some guidance from Lori, to help me resolve this issue once and for all. I got so much more than I anticipated. Lori asks thorough, insightful and thought-provoking questions.

She guided me to identify some deep-seated (and unconscious) patterns that were negatively impacting my relationship with money. We then were able to plot out a tangible financial plan. Her knowledge base, practical skills, no-nonsense  yet warm approach was exactly what I needed to illuminate and transform a major roadblock to finding more freedom, and abundance, with money. Lori’s passion, especially for helping women, shone through in our work. If you believe you are under-earning, feel confused or powerless around money, Lori is your gal.” 

nicole k.

My coach, Lori Becker, was non-judgmental which made it easier to ask questions.  She pointed out things that I never even considered in a manner that made me think, but not panic.  I was the pilot and she was the co-pilot.  

I can be excited to retire now that I have an understanding of how to prepare myself financially, socially, and emotionally for the next chapter of my life.

julie b.

Lori really helped us explore our financial behaviors and goals.  Understanding the why behind certain things allowed us to assess the need for change.  

Together we got really clear about our financial picture and were able to set clear goals that have both short and long term impact on our financial landscape.  Thanks Lori! 

jaime j.

If you've ever reached a crossroads in your life, where you could benefit from getting a second opinion about the choices you've made regarding your finances and personal "where do I go from here" narratives around your finances, Lori's "Getting a Grip on your Financials" Program, topped with her professionalism and expertise is the answer!

For me, being able to bounce back ideas with a financial expert that pertained to my current savings, goals, budgeting patterns, emotional associations to finances and behaviors was invaluable! I appreciated the one-on-one support, accountability and honest feedback in Lori's weekly sessions. I now feel more confident, free and empowered to continue on this journey of budgeting and saving. Lori helped me to unlock my roadblocks and to feel more in control to both enjoy life while simultaneously planning for life.

Lori's kind, resourceful and helping spirit helped me to see finances from a different angle. Until I met Lori I had never made the correlation that much of our financial choices are linked to our upbringing, family patterns/behaviors and our own core values. Building awareness around these areas has truly been a game changer!

Personally, with Lori's guidance, I am now learning to allow myself to release old thought patterns around my finances to allow myself to feel more joy around my finances. I am able to see how that joy is interchangeable and helps welcome a life that is aligned more with the kind of life I aspire to build and continue to live. The opportunity to work with Lori was a healing journey for me and extremely valuable! I would recommend her services to anyone who is willing and open to growth.

carolina b.

Working with Lori was life changing. I had no idea how much money management was affecting so many areas of my life.  I am a divorced, newly empty nested mid-lifer, homeowner and full time employee. I have wanted to pursue several creative interests and the possibility of making money at them. Part of what was holding me back was not fully understanding where I currently stood financially. Lori helped me to identify my core values and whether my spending habits reflected them. Looking at habits like bike commuting, drinking alcohol, dating and going out to eat from a financial perspective, gave me more confidence to make better choices. 

With Lori's help, I completed a budget, something I had started many times, but never fully completed. My meetings with Lori kept me on track and accountable. Once I had my entire financial picture in front of me, I was able to see clearly where I could pull back, habits I wanted to change and where I could make better decisions that would help me to reach my goals.

Lori was terrific to work with, always supporting my process and giving me excellent tools for getting to the next step - she met me where I was - which was invaluable. 

Lori made herself available to troubleshoot, ask for clarification along the way and was an excellent advisor who really cared about my interests, goals and outcome and was invested in making it happen.

I highly recommend working with Lori if you are ready to take a good look at your finances and need help getting to where you want to go! 

lisa k.

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