Living My Dream Retirement

The Living My Dream Retirement is a unique coaching program that helps individuals design the retirement of their dreams in six weeks without misinformation, overwhelm, or lack of focus.

Phase 1


1. Understanding Today

evaluate the state of their life today without overwhelm...

2. My Authentic Self

identify their values, sense of purpose and the impact of transitioning out of their career without fear...

3. Not Your Mother's (or

anyone else's) Retirement

capture their vision, goals, and legacy without fear...

Phase 2


4. My Greatest Wealth

protect their physical, mental and social health during retirement without limiting beliefs...

5. My Retirement Nest

consider their housing needs as they age and create a retirement budget without wasted time...

6. Time for What I Love

explore the many opportunities of retirement without limiting beliefs...

Phase 3


7. Sequencing Your Years

prioritize their options and design out the challenges of retirement without overwhelm...

8. Living Glorious Days!

create a retirement routine and backup plan without stress...

9. My Dream Retirement

create and test out their retirement plan without overwhelm...

Many of us work 40 years or more to reach retirement. It's something we dream about and prepare for financially for most of our lives. Some of us will be lucky enough to spend 30 years or more in retirement. We anticipate it to be fulfilling, relaxing, and perhaps more fun than other stages of life. But in order to make that happen, we must plan for it.

Living my Dream Retirement walks you through the many facets of retirement and helps you consider how they apply to you personally. You will establish a plan that you can revise as you move closer to and transition into retirement. 

A detailed Guidebook will help you work through the exercises and capture your plan.

How It Works:

The multi-attendee course begins by completing a Retirement Assessment prior to the first session. The assessment will look at where you're at today, what your idea of retirement may be, things you have already considered and others we will explore as we move through the program.

The course will have weekly 90-minute live video sessions. There will be up to six attendees, to allow for an exchange of ideas and interactions with others nearing retirement.  We will complete exercises during and between sessions to actively complete components of your retirement plan.

With the completion of all exercises, you will have created your Dream Retirement Plan by the end of the course.

Receive a copy of Get a Grip on the Details; A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing the Important Matters in Your Life as part of the program.

This program can also be done on an individual basis.

Get A Grip On your Financials

4 Week Program

Are you a professional woman that has attained a lot of success in your life, but just can’t seem to get a grip on your finances?  

  • The more you make, the more you spend
  • You don’t really have a budget, you just kind of “wing it”
  • You think you would be ok in an emergency, but aren’t really sure
  • There is a bit of shame with your financial plans, knowing yours aren’t that solid
  • You wake at night worrying about money, knowing you could do better

Imagine if you had a plan.  You knew what all of your finances looked like.  You were excited to get your paycheck to be able to allocate money to fund your dreams. You knew you could pay off your credit card each month.  You understand your retirement plan and how it will play out.  You truly manage your finances.

Getting a Grip on your Finances is private, one-on-one coaching to finally work through your finances and set you on a good financial path. 

This four-week program examines your financial behaviors, values and beliefs, your goals and dreams. We evaluate your current financial situation and create a budget to meet your current needs and future goals. Understanding your past behaviors and beliefs, we establish an approach to foster your success.  The program offers extensive support, tools and guidance, including weekly one-hour meetings as well as e-mail support throughout the week while you complete your work. Presented with compassion and understanding in a safe environment.

Week 1:  Where Are You Now? 

We’ll explore where you are today, including your financial behaviors, values and beliefs along with your financial goals and dreams.  

Week 2:  Your Current Financial Situation

We’ll dig into the details of your current financial situation; understanding where you are today.  We’ll get into examining the basics of a budget.

Week 3:  Putting Together A Budget

With all of the information we’ve gathered, we’ll create a budget that works for you.  

Week 4:  Adjustments and Maintenance

With the budget in hand, we’ll create a process to help you live within your budget and evaluate tools that may assist you with your budgeting.  

How It Works:

This one-on-one program begins by completing a Financial Survey to capture your current state prior to the first session.  

Weekly one-on-one 90-minute live video calls will be used to work through the weekly content.  

  • Review deliverables/progress of prior week
  • Review new content and deliverables
  • Review tasks for next week

Time between sessions will be used to assimilate the new materials and work on your deliverables.  You can submit them for review and feedback and pose any other questions you may have via email.  

The course includes assessments and templates to assist you with the tasks; instruction, best practices, tips and tricks. Resources to help you engage appropriate tools and experts; coaching to help you move through the process and make decisions. 

Receive a copy of Get a Grip on the Details; A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing the Important Matters in Your Life as part of the program.

Get a Grip on your Financials - Add-on Accountability Sessions

8 Week Program

Did you find Get a Grip on Your Financials just the thing you needed?  You’ve got a great plan together, but need just a bit more?

Do you want to continue your work to ensure ongoing success?  Keep the momentum going?  Does this feel so good to finally get a grip on your financial matters that you don’t want to risk slipping back into old habits? Want someone to walk alongside you as a guide and accountability partner?  Do you want to tie up a few more financial loose ends?  Assess a few more of the critical matters in life, like your insurance, will, powers of attorney? Ensure you have computer backups and a home maintenance plan?  

Imagine a few months from now when your financials are in order, with a bit of time under your belt.  You feel confident and much more relaxed and peaceful about your financial plans.  You’re excited about the goals you have set and your confidence in meeting them.  

How It Works:

We’ll establish customized goals for this two-month extension to Get a Grip on your Financials.  During the four (4) one-hour bi-weekly live video calls we’ll review your budget management and goals you have set.  

Additional goals may include work on other critical matters in your life, such as wills, powers of attorney, insurance evaluations and other priority items as determined by the assessment from “Get a Grip on the Details.”

We’ll do an e-mail check-in of budget management the weeks in between our sessions, along with e-mail support with any questions between sessions. 

This is some of the most impactful work you can do for yourself.  Ensure your ongoing success and Add an Accountability Partner today!

One-On-One Coaching

 Work With An Encore Coach One-on-One

Sometimes it's helpful to talk through a contemplated transition, one that has already happened, or one that is inevitable. And there's no reason to go it alone.  We can help you understand the many facets to consider, evaluate resources available, and make a plan.

How It Works:

The content of individual sessions will be driven by clients with recommendations from the coach.  

Sessions will be 60-minute video calls.

Get A Grip On The Details

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing The Important Matters in Your Life

Available on

Do you worry about all of the important matters you should have in place, such as wills, powers of attorney, insurance, but aren’t quite sure what they are, how to do them, or just have the focus to get them done?  Do you experience shame for not having a better grip and plan for your finances – day to day living and planning for the future?  Do you waste a lot of time reacting to events, such as a lost purse or wallet and computer crashes, that a little preparedness would make much easier?

Imagine not having any of that worry, shame or waste of time?  Imagine not wasting the money or time.  This guide will help you prioritize the areas to focus on first, and then walk you through them step by step. This will help you complete these tasks one by one and provide a maintenance plan so you never find yourself in this situation again.

  • Budgets
  • Wills
  • Financial Recordkeeping
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Home Inventory
  • Retirement Plans
  • Credit Report and Credit Scores
  • Computer Backups
  • Living Will
  • Emergency Plans
  • Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Password Security
  • Insurance Needs
  • Digital Assets
  • Personal Health Records
  • Storage of Critical Documents

Now Available!

Get A Grip On The Details

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing The Important Matters In Your Life

Utilize an assessment tool to prioritize your important matters; tackle items one-by-one utilizing a step-by-step guide with tools, templates and resources. Utilize trackers to keep them updated.