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Redefining What Retirement Can Be

by Mike Drak & Friends

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Helping You Craft Your Encore Strategy

All of us go through transitions in our lives.  Some transitions require more planning than others, and some have a greater impact.  As we pass through mid-life, we experience more and more important changes.

If we have children, we become empty nesters.  If we have careers, we may experience less fulfillment or even lose employment as the work world changes around us.  We may experience a shift in priorities, and recognize the desire to downsize commitments, possessions, housing, and lifestyle.

You don't need to go through this alone.  Working with Becker Encore Coaching will provide the guidance and insights to walk you through these transitions.  It may be one-on-one coaching, a program or both.  All engagements are customizable to best meet your style and needs.

Living My Dream Retirement

Living My Dream Retirement is a unique coaching program that helps individuals design the retirement of their dreams in 6 weeks without misinformation, overwhelm, or lack Of focus.

We all dream about the joy retirement will provide us.  We save our entire lives in anticipation of that day. However, retirement has many facets beyond the financial.  Have you considered the impact it will have on your identity and sense of purpose?  Who will you socialize with?  How will you fill eight or nine hours each day that were once filled with work or commuting?  How will you stay sharp and engaged?  Now is the time to explore these questions to ensure you experience the joy of retirement.

Get a Grip On Your Financials

Imagine if you had complete control of your financials.

You consciously spend on what you need and want, valuing what you purchase and respectful of all you have. When there is more, you deliberately plan how to best use that money, allowing for more comfort and security for your future.  You have peace and calm in your life, knowing you have a solid plan and can provide for yourself, having everything accounted for.  You breathe easily, confident you can weather an emergency.  You confidently review your financial plans, knowing that you have planned and executed carefully.  

And you rest well at night, with your financial matters in order for both today and the future.  You truly manage your finances.

If you long for this in your life, it’s time to Get a Grip on your Financials.

Why go it alone?

Life is filled with change, and you don't have to go it alone. Engage expert resources to ensure informed decision-making, successful actions, and fulfilling results for the transitions ahead.

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Lori's Living My Dream Retirement program is fantastic! It takes a holistic view at the life you want to live after working and your personal interests, and creates a resource road map to get you there.

More than just a financial discussion, the program helps you consider things like a personal network, what resources a retirement destination may offer, and contributing back to society. 

It was an exciting process with tangible steps to build a long-term plan. I highly recommend it!"

Annette G.

CRO, Meeting Professionals International

Encore Coaching is a thorough and excellent way for retiring professionals to prepare for your (you and your family’s)retirement. 

As an Entrepreneur who failed at retirement afterselling my first business, I truly appreciated Lori’s perspective on what “Retirement” really means and it helped validate that my hobbies for the future could continue to include entrepreneurial endeavors.  

After our six weeks of 90 min sessions I feel much more prepared for the Retirement Journey.

Channen s.

Aspiring Retired Entrepreneur

Now Available!

Get A Grip On The Details

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing The Important Matters In Your Life

Utilize an assessment tool to prioritize your important matters; tackle items one-by-one utilizing a step-by-step guide with tools, templates and resources. Utilize trackers to keep them updated.